# Fact
1 Crickets are nutrition dense.
2 Blueberry bushes don't yield fruit their first year.
3 Strawberries are high in fiber
4 Spiders can lift 170 times their own weight. That means Spider-Man should only be able to lift about 14.5 tons.
5 Matt Easton is a HEMA instructor, former competitive longbowman, and quasi amateur historian.
6 In the zombie apocalypse we would survive since zombies (and people) tend to flow like water. So they would trend downhill
7 Stevia is generally considered healthier than Splenda. Stevia is a natural extract. It grows in South America. You can chew on it....like Cocaine. Ephedra plant does not contain caffeine. Just Ephedrine.
8 Mormon tea is loaded with Ephedrine. The name of the plant is Ephedra.
9 Alcoholic deer would wait untill apples fermented. Then they would eat them.
10 In Missouri most people canoe instead of kayak because the rivers are class one.
11 A 5th wheel is also known as a goose-neck trailer. It refers to the coupler in the tow vehicle as well as the trailer being towed.
12 There are two types of tents. Primary and dome.
13 Rocky Mountain Oysters taste pretty good. Kind of a meat version of hush puppies.
14 Buttholes are unique, just like fingerprints. It was discovered by Salvador Dalí.
15 The Austrailan Pink Floyd are the most popular Pink Floyd cover band.
16 Opium is surprisingly easy to grow
17 The sandwich was invented by the Earl of Sandwhich
18 Lithium ion batteries, whether you use it or not, dead at 6 years
19 the Irish used to make jack o lanterns out of radishes until they came to the US and couldn't find as many radishes
20 Eve 6 is a band named after a character in the X Files episode “Eve”.
21 The shelf life of Twinkies are 28 days, surprisingly the part that goes bad is the cream.
22 Water bottles have a shelf life of 3 years.
23 There’s a certain type of lobster that is biologically immortal. They get so big and can’t eat enough so they die
24 A submarine can remain at sea for up to a year, with maintenance.
25 Technically Oklahoma is a Midwest state.
26 Chicken wings and drumsticks were poor people food. Chicken breast was comparatively expensive.
27 The Carthaginians spoke Punic.
28 Carthaginians...they were called the Punici. That's why it's the Punic Wars.
29 The rate that food goes bad is not an exact science.
30 The only way I would go back to Missouri would be during the apocalypse. Because Missouri would be easier to survive in.
31 Missouri has more crickets than Colorado, because of the altitude difference.
32 A goatee is only the bottom part. A circle beard like David's is top and bottom.
33 David Bowie's massive codpiece....and I mean massive.. ushered in puberty for a generation of women
34 May 20, 1873 marked an historic day: the birth of the blue jean. It was on that day that Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis obtained a U.S. patent on the process of putting rivets in men's work pants for the very first time.
35 It's hard to hide a shotgun under a denim jacket … I think
36 King Cake comes in a number of styles. The most simple, said to be the most traditional, is a ring of twisted cinnamon roll-style dough. It may be topped with icing or sugar, which may be colored to show the traditional Mardi Gras colors of purple for justice, green for faith, and gold for power.
37 Fun Dip candy was crème de la crème for candy in the 1930's. Hershey was the only boi in town.
38 (Matchbox 20 + Maroon 5) x Eve 6 + (Sum 41 - Nine Inch Nails) = Blink 182
39 In a straight line you can go from Belguim to France 11 times in 0.4 miles.
40 Truckee, CA is the 316th highest population in California.
41 Alligators can live up to 100 years which is why there is an increased chance that they will see you later.
42 Chas is a city in Jharkhand India
43 Chas is a commune in Puy-de-Dôme France
44 Chas is a diminutive of the name Charles
45 Chas is the name of a Latvian newspaper
46 If you travel south from Detroit, you end up in Canada
47 No one has ever been able to unsubscribe to Chas Facts. Go ahead and try. It won't work.
48 The official definition of "1 second" is "the time that elapses during 9,192,631,770 cycles of the radiation produced by the transition between two levels of the cesium-133 atom
49 Strange flora, previously unknown to science, were discovered in the hidden Ketona Dolomite Glades, an area often referred to as a "botanical lost world."
50 An elusive raptor, goshawk, secretly hunts deep in the Tongass National Forest.
51 Crater of Diamonds State Park is the only place in the world where people can keep the gems they find. An average of 3 diamonds per day are unearthed.
52 Found only in Florida is the Ghost Orchid which grows without ever touching the earth.
53 The Hagerman Horse grazed Idaho's ancient savanna over three million years ago. Fossils indicate this zebra-like species continued to evolve until 10,000 years ago, when all traces of the creatures suddenly vanished.
54 A firefly converts chemical energy into light
55 The Camelback Cricket has adapted to a life of eternal darkness.
56 President Eisenhower signed the Space Act in 1958 which prompted the formation of NASA and its first space flight and astronomical research facility in Greenbelt, Maryland.
57 The Humongous Fungus (armillaria gallica) in Crystal Falls weighs 11 tons, spans 37 acres, and is a single organism.
58 The mysterious Mississippi Sandhill Crane belongs to the oldest existing species of bird on earth. Now only one flock remains.
59 Bats use complex sounds to greet, direct, warn and play with one another.
60 Flags of the U.S., Mexico & Canada fly at the monument of the geographic center of North America in Rugby, North Dakota.
61 Plans to build an indestructible aircraft carrier made of ice and wood pulp were secretly carried out on a remote Canadian lake.
62 Only one North American city has had a fortified wall.
63 O’D’s hair looks like David Lynch.
64 Lake Superior is know as the lake that doesn’t give up her dead. The cold water doesn’t allow bacteria to grow that would normally cause a body to bloat and float to the surface.
65 People from Hamburg Germany are called Hamburgers.
66 Based on the one leaf I saw, the farmer in Tremors was growing sweet potatoes.
67 Alluviul soil is really good at stopping bullets.
68 Alluviul soil is really good at stopping bullets but not good at retaining heat.
69 Trees actually live underground, they just use the upper portion as a snorkel.
70 I don't know anything about silkworms.
71 "Come and Get Your Love". The single went certified Gold selling over a million copies. It also made Redbone the first Native American band to reach the top five on the Billboard Hot 100, with the song reaching number 5.
72 Texas is just dirt.
73 The best movies are from 1999.
74 Shipping a bear is harder than shipping a prairie dog.
75 The largest national park in the European Union is located in South America. Guiana Amazonian Park is the largest National Park of France, aiming at protecting part of the Amazonian forest located in French Guiana which covers 41% of the region. It is the largest park in France as well as the largest park in the European Union and one of the largest national parks in the world.
76 I have a different opinion on what is a Chas Fact.
77 "Have You Ever Seen the Rain" by John Fogerty was written about CCR breaking up.
78 There are two cities in Spain that are in North Africa.
79 The guy who invented air conditioning invented it because he thought it would help combat malaria.
80 Missouri and Tennessee are the two states that border the most states with eight each.
81 Ben and Jerry’s is based out of Vermont. At the factory in Waterbury you can get flavors that you can’t get outside of their headquarters.
82 On Febuary 26th 2019 at Black Hat Distillery. The name of the song was Baba O’riley.
83 The largest animal to ever exist is the blue whale.
84 Vikings used bear fat to bathe.
85 Historically, most Europeans used oils to bathe.
86 You can create ink out of walnuts. It is a very versatile nut.
87 Beefalo is a real thing. It is a crossbreed of a buffalo and a cow.
88 Prior to 2020, Rivian was an automotive manufacture that had delivered only one vehicle in 12 years. It was the 3rd most valuable automotive company at that time.
89 A thousand squirrels ain’t got shit on me.
90 Zagreb is the capital of Croatia.
91 All of Khan's men in the movie Star Trek 2 were Chippendale dancers at the time.
92 In "The Wrath of Khan" that really is Ricardo Montalbán's chest.
93 During the filming of "The Wrath of Khan", William Shatner and Ricardo Montalbán never met each other.
94 You can tell if someone is diabetic by drinking their pee.
95 city planners plant almost exclusively male trees
96 there is a 100+ year old man-eating crocodile that's the most prolific animal serial killer.
97 Apple trees are sluts.
98 [Image-only Fact]
99 On April 7, 2009, Vermont became the first state to obtain marriage rights for same-sex couples through a legislative process rather than a court case.
100 there's over 130 varieties of coffee but we only harvest 2 of them. and in my opinion we only harvest 1 of them.
101 The city of Austin, Texas is named for Steven F Austin, the son of Moses Austin. Moses secured the land grant to parts of Texas from Spain. Moses also founded Potosi, Missouri.
102 In the 80s princess Diana referred to Duran Duran is the Fab Five